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About GameO

Firstly and most importantly, the mission of Game O is to create the most complete gaming portal that will feature everything gamers desire from the most popular flash games, to newest casual games, to revolutionary online multiplayer gamers as well as many other interactive features to make your Game O gaming experience as pleasant as possible.

Even thou we recognize that we are a little late to the party with really kicking this game site into gear in the late 2007, we are not exactly worried about the thousands of new game sites that have been coming out daily for the past several years. Here at Game O you will be presented with a one of kind custom coded site that will be beating the other game sites by leaps and bounds.

One of the goals of the site is to make the Game O, the ultimate gaming site that we would love to visit to simply play games, not as the site that we would use just to bring in as much revenue as possible, just like the rest of the game sites that have layers upon layers of ads that it is hard to locate the actual games, here you will be presented with nice and clean design and all the opportunities to enjoy the awesome casual games, download games, flash games, classic games as well as various interactive features.

Here at Game O we will be working very hard around the clock to make this the ultimate gaming community and hopefully eventually win over your respect and compete with the big boys of the online gaming world.

Enjoy Your Stay at Game O and THANKS for Playing

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